I didn't receive my purchase / lost an item I've bought

Redeliveries can be made at the Fourth Wall store by clicking the redelivery sign at the landing point.

How do I use store credit?

Wear the appropriate group tag when purchasing to start earning credit. You can use it by right clicking any Fourth Wall vendor > Menu > Buy > Store Credit.

Please note that you currently cannot use store credit as partial payment towards the purchase - you should have the full amount of the product price in store credit for it to be able to be used.

I accidentally bought something twice

All purchases can be refunded in L$ or store credit. Please send a notecard to William Wanderer in Second Life with proof of your purchase. In most cases refunds will be given within the next 24 hours.

Refund policy

All purchases are final, please demo in-world & read marketplace descriptions carefully.

Blogger policy

Thanks for your interest, however Fourth Wall does not have a blogger team.

Custom work

I'm unable to do any custom work due to my schedule. This includes mods to existing releases.

I'd like to buy something full perm

All items are sold copy/mod/no transfer. Under no circumstance will this change.